Hoppy Town

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Hoppy Town

The town is a location in Magikarp Jump.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Hoppy Town is where the bulk of this game takes place. It is overseen by Mayor Karp, who like the rest of the town, absolutely loves Magikarp. According to Mayor Karp, everyone in Hoppy Town raises Magikarp, noting that, despite it being known for being weak, Magikarp can at least jump well. Though the people love and train Magikarp, Mayor Karp notes that the town hasn't had a league champion in years, especially one using a Magikarp, and that it's more apt to call Magikarp "Tragikarp" for this reason.


The town in Magikarp Jump has a variety of stores.

Coin Shop[edit | edit source]

Shop with Coins for new ways to help Magikarp grow faster.

Diamond Shop[edit | edit source]

Use Diamonds to get special items.

The Diamond Shop is a store located in Hoppy Town that sells Friendship Items, Decorations, and single-use Items.

Records[edit | edit source]

Check out the records of your great adventures with your Magikarp. It can be viewed from Hoppy Town to the right of the Coin and theDiamond Shop.

The records that are there are:

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