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Theme Starter Pond.png Starter Pond

A basic pond that is laid-back and simple.
Unlock Conditions: Available at beginning

Theme Forest Lagoon.png Forest Lagoon

A soothing pond rich in greenery, even in the water.
Unlock Conditions: Beat Icon Friend League.png Friend League

Theme Mountain Stream.png Mountain Stream

A cool pond perfect for soothing a body flushed from hard training.
Unlock Conditions: Beat Icon Quick League.png Quick League

Theme Hot Springs.png Hot Springs

A delightfully warm pond that begs to be climbed into with friends.
Unlock Conditions: Beat Icon Great League.png Great League

Theme Dank Theme.png Dank Theme

A pond that's just a bit dark and scary for a cowardly Magikarp.
Unlock Conditions: Beat Icon Luxury League.png Luxury League

Theme Swampy Jungle.png Swampy Jungle

A rough-looking pond that feels like a wild environment.
Unlock Conditions: Beat Icon Heal League.png Heal League

Theme Red Rock.png Red Rock

A pro's pond, where one can train hard in harsh conditions.
Unlock Conditions: Beat Icon Ultra League.png Ultra League

Theme Robo Lab.png Robo Lab

A pond that offers 24-hour support with the latest technology.
Unlock Conditions: Beat Icon Master League.png Master League