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Support Pokémon
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Upon use of friendship items, Magikarp can unlock friendly Pokemon to stay at the pond in Magikarp Jump.

Support Pokemon are a great way to conquer leagues, because not only can they boost your training, they can also cheer you on and increase your jump height by various percentages.

Only land based Support Pokémon are able to cheer you on in a League battle:

List of Support Pokémon[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Recovery Time Skill
Light Ball.PNG Pikachu 1 hour 30 minutes Awards a little JP
Miracle Seed.PNG Bulbasaur 4 hours Recovers a League Play
Amulet Coin.PNG Meowth 2 hours 30 minutes Grants Coins
Mystic Water.PNG Piplup 1 hour 30 minutes Recovers Training Points
Splash Plate.PNG Popplio 7 hours Drops Sunken Treasure
Meadow Plate.PNG Rowlet 4 hours Grants lots of Coins
Flame Plate.PNG Litten 3 hours 30 minutes Awards some JP
Damp Rock.PNG Slowpoke 12 hours Recover others' skills
Leftovers.PNG Snorlax 50 minutes Provides Food
Charcoal.PNG Charizard 12 hours Gives a Great Item
Shell Bell.PNG Greninja 5 hours Awards lots of JP
Black Sludge.PNG Gengar 14 hours Boosts JP by 50% for 1 min
Soft Sand.PNG Mudkip 10 Hours Gives a Good Item
Soothe Bell.PNG Eevee 3 Hours Guarantees amazing results in the next training session
Spell Tag.PNG Mimikyu 1 hour 30 minutes Awards a little JP
Choice Scarf.PNG Gardevoir 6 Hours Grants tons of Coins