Magikarp Patterns

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Magikarp Patterns
Info Magikarp Patterns.png

As Magikarp grows larger, its pattern will become clearer!

Once Magikarp hits 3/4 of its maximum level, it will experience a growth spurt that will reveal its pattern.

List of Magikarp Patterns[edit | edit source]

Pattern Class Required Rod Rarity Pattern
Standard Old Rod
No. 1
No. 2

Calico Old Rod
Orange So-So Old Rod
No. 8
Orange Orca.png
Orange Orca
Pink Good Old Rod ★★
No. 10
Pink Two-Tone.png
Pink Two-Tone
No. 11
Pink Orca.png
Pink Orca
No. 12
Pink Dapples.png
Pink Dapples
Gray Great Old Rod ★★
No. 13
Gray Bubbles.png
Gray Bubbles
No. 14
Gray Diamonds.png
Gray Diamonds
No. 15
Gray Patches.png
Gray Patches
Purple Great Old Rod ★★
Apricot Rare Old Rod ★★
No. 19
Apricot Tiger.png
Apricot Tiger
No. 20
Apricot Zebra.png
Apricot Zebra
Brown Rare Old Rod ★★
No. 22
Brown Tiger.png
Brown Tiger
No. 23
Brown Zebra.png
Brown Zebra
No. 24
Brown Stripes.png
Brown Stripes
White Pro's Old Rod ★★★
No. 26
Orange Mask.png
Orange Mask
Black Pro's Old Rod ★★★
No. 28
Black Mask.png
Black Mask
Blue Supreme Old Rod ★★★
No. 29
Saucy Blue.png
Saucy Blue
Violet Supreme Old Rod ★★★
No. 31
Saucy Violet.png
Saucy Violet
Gold Old Cock ★★★
No. 99