Friendship Items

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Friendship Items
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There are a variety of Friendship Items that can be used to boost your friendship with Magikarp in Magikarp Jump.

Each friendship item unlocks a Support Pokémon with skills to help Magikarp out. These skills have cooldowns that vary between each Support Pokémon. For some Support Pokémon, the effects of their skills can be ranked up with Support Candies Support Candies .

There are two ways to obtain Friendship Items:

Friendship Items[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Cost
Light Ball.PNG Light Ball -
Charcoal.PNG Charcoal 600 Diamonds.png
Leftovers.PNG Leftovers 500 Diamonds.png
Damp Rock.PNG Damp Rock 350 Diamonds.png
Flame Plate.PNG Flame Plate 250 Diamonds.png
Meadow Plate.PNG Meadow Plate 450 Diamonds.png
Splash Plate.PNG Splash Plate 500 Diamonds.png
Mystic Water.PNG Mystic Water -
Amulet Coin.PNG Amulet Coin -
Miracle Seed.PNG Miracle Seed -
Shell Bell.PNG Shell Bell 500 Diamonds.png
Black Sludge.PNG Black Sludge 600 Diamonds.png
Soft Sand.PNG Soft Sand -
Soothe Bell.PNG Soothe Bell 500 Diamonds.png
Spell Tag.PNG Spell Tag 400 Diamonds.png
Choice Scarf.PNG Choice Scarf 600 Diamonds.png