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Decorations are cute little items that can be placed within the Pond and in its upper section. It helps with making the area look cute - maybe it will help Magikarp feel less useless! Who knows?!

Decorations may be acquired by beating Leagues or purchased at the Diamond Shop in town using Diamonds.

Decorations also have special effects on Magikarp. They vary with each decoration.

  • The effects of any Decorations will always be active, even if they are not placed in the pond.
  • Special effects from Decorations may be viewed by checking the Record's Status section.

Decorations[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Cost Effect
Shaymin Planter.PNG Shaymin Planter 250 Diamonds.png JP from Food +14%
Substitute Plush.PNG Substitute Plush 300 Diamonds.png Max Food number +2
Sunflora Bunch.PNG Sunflora Bunch 200 Diamonds.png Coins from Events +28%
Whimsicott Cushion.PNG Whimsicott Cushion 450 Diamonds.png Trainer Exp. Points +9%
Exeggutor Palm.PNG Exeggutor Palm 150 Diamonds.png Coins from League Battles +12%
Bronze Eevee.PNG Bronze Eevee 550 Diamonds.png League Event rate +4%
Lampent Lamp.PNG Lampent Lamp 250 Diamonds.png Lv Up Coins +29%
S.S. Anne Model.PNG S.S. Anne Model 450 Diamonds.png Coins from sunken treasure +68%
Aegislash Statue.PNG Aegislash Statue 350 Diamonds.png JP from Training +20%
Parasect Puffballs.PNG Parasect Puffballs 100 Diamonds.png JP from Events +16%
Octillery Pot.PNG Octillery Pot - JP from Food +10%
Sudowoodo Bonsai.PNG Sudowoodo Bonsai - Coins from Events +29%
Important Sign.PNG Important Sign - Max Food number +1
Lilligant Doll.PNG Lilligant Doll 450 Diamonds.png Training Event rate +6%
Starmie Bubbler.PNG Starmie Bubbler - Skill recovery rate: +10%
Clefairy Doll.PNG Clefairy Doll 350 Diamonds.png JP from Skills +20%
Cacnea Planter.PNG Cacnea Planter 400 Diamonds.png Skill recovery rate +10%
Red Cap.PNG Red Cap - Jump Power from Training +20%
Ditto Cushion.PNG Ditto Cushion 550 Diamonds.png Coins received +10%
Gold Magikarp Statue.PNG Gold Magikarp Statue - Coins received +12%
Dugtrio Rock.PNG Dugtrio Rock 350 Diamonds.png Lv. Up Coins +32%